People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th come under the influence of the sun. They are responsible for the smooth progress of their country, good administrators.

They are brilliant as good administrators, qualified teachers, doctors, advocates, engineers and professionals of the country. Likewise, they never hesitate to spend money for their own satisfaction. Furthermore, they are very affectionate towards children. They are men of ideals, and they fight to achieve these. Furthermore, they are skilled in administration.

Today I will talk about Number 1. People born on 1, 10,19, 28  are Leo’s. Sun is their ruling planet. They ought to be number 1. Some people possess characteristics of the Sun. They are warm, radiant. Without them, our lives can’t function. How long can one live without the Sun? Does the darkness make you feel any good?  You can’t go near the sun. Have to be cautious. Please maintain a balance with the number 1 person. Don’t get too much attached.

What does your date of birth reveal about you?

First and foremost:
There is a well-founded belief that there is a connection between numbers and individual nature and qualities. The date of birth is a significant component in this regard, as it influences many aspects of a person’s personality. General characteristics, personality traits, personal, professional, and married life, lucky and unlucky dates, lucky stones, and so on are all examples. This article discusses many factors that affect people born on certain dates.

Number 1’s General Qualities in Numerology

The Sun, the King of the planets, is represented by the number one. As a result, people with a birth date that adds up to 1 are powerhouses with a lot of energy. These people are natural leaders because they have commanding, aggressive, and determined personalities. They cannot be forced to do anything until they express a desire to do so. Regardless of the sector of operation, they occupy key positions and are often the top performers. They enjoy the finer things in life and may not be hesitant to spend money on them.

They may also be afflicted with liver diseases such as jaundice. Those born on the first day of the month should think about these possibilities and adjust their diet accordingly. They eat in a reasonable manner. It would also be beneficial to their health if they kept their meals light, as overeating can contribute to stomach problems. It’s also a good idea for them to cut back on spices and oil in their diets, as they might lead to issues like epilepsy.

People born on the first day of the month have naturally generous, honourable, and decent characteristics. They are also bright, diligent, self-sufficient, self-assured, influential, helpful, loyal, and typically truthful. They can usually perform well in any vocation because they are backed by the strong Sun. A negative Sun, on the other hand, can make them arrogant, troubled, and unsuccessful.

Those born on the 1st of the four birth dates that add up to 1 are likely to be ambitious, impatient, and overconfident. People born on the 10th day of the month are cautious but easy to get along with. People born on the 19th may appear gentle, but they can be tough. They may also have a hypnotic effect on others. Those born on the 28th are likely to be attractive and trusting of others.

Number 1 Gemstones’ Lucky and Unlucky Dates, Colours, and Gemstones

  • All numbers that add up to 1 are lucky for those born on birth dates that total to 1, hence their lucky days are 1, 10, 19, and 28.
  • On those days, their abilities will grow, and they will be able to perform at their best, achieving wonderful outcomes and success.
  • However, the good that occurs when people start working on the 28th of the month may not be long-lasting.
  • While some significant or unexpected occurrences may occur on days that sum up to four, the number eight may not be so fortunate for them.
  • They may be weary and lacking in enthusiasm.
  • As a result, the number 1born may have difficulties and failures on the dates 8, 17, and 26 of each month, with the latter being the most unfavourable.
  • Yellow is a lucky hue for them because it is generally regarded as auspicious.
  • As a result, these folks will be more effective if they wear yellow or golden yellow coloured clothing.
  • They may also benefit from light red and light blue.
  • Black and brown, on the other hand, might be unfortunate and should be avoided.
  • Their lucky stone is ruby
  • The colour of this stone could be red, orange-red, or violet-red.
  • Wearing this beautiful stone on the ring finger of the right hand can attract positive energy and even cure some illnesses.
  • They may also benefit from topaz and golden topaz.

Number 1 in Numerology has a profession, a business, and a married life.

  1. Working, running a business, and being married are all important aspects of life.
  2. All of the planets revolve around the Sun, which is self-luminous.
  3. In their personal and professional life, the Sun-blessed Number 1 people also take centre stage.
  4. They stay high in the hierarchy in all managerial roles, and many of them may be found in administrative services and in senior positions in the government, as they were born leaders.
  5. They may be incredibly effective in politics as well, thanks to their sharp intelligence and oratorical talents.
  6. However, because of their rigidity, some of them may not be ideal for businesses that demand flexibility.
  7. This can be overcome by partnering with people born on the first, third, fourth, and fifth days of the month.
  8. Artists, writers, and publishers can all be number one born.
  9. People born on the first day of the month believe in love, and many of them may marry for love.
  10. People with birth dates that fall between the numbers 4 and 8 are likely to attract them, and such pairings can lead to happy and prosperous marriages.
  11. Unfortunately, due to their intransigence, self-centred character, and preoccupation with their work, some love marriages may fail.
  12. Furthermore, marital partnerships with those born on the first, seventh, or ninth day of the month are unlikely to be productive.
Number 1 in Numerology Physique and Personality
  • Those born under the number 1 will have nice appearance thanks to the ruling Sun.
  • They are typical of ordinary height with well-proportioned limbs.
  • Eyesight, on the other hand, maybe a cause for concern.
  • Spectacles are worn by the vast majority of people.
  • In the human body, the Sun also signifies the heart and the spinal cord.
  • As a result, these individuals must be cautious of problems that may arise in these organs, particularly as they age, as they may be susceptible to concerns such as high blood pressure, heart illness, spondylitis, and so on.

Qualities Of Leadership

Number one has natural leadership abilities. They rise to the top in life. There will be no substantial changes in your life if you move according to your will until you are 37 years old. After 37 there will be a change in your stars.

Get Your Name Spelling Changed

But if you change your name spelling, you might be able to accomplish whatever you want before you turn 37.

Number 1 Person

It’s impossible to stay under the supervision of someone in administrative services.

They Lack Confidence

They lack confidence but have a lot of overconfidence. Things should proceed in accordance with their wishes.

 Firm Thinkers And  Good Planners.

They are logical thinkers and excellent planners. They have their own distinct perspectives. Not only that, but they have a strong spiritual component.

Confidence, dynamism, and spirituality all rolled into one. Spirituality does not imply that you are constantly adoring God.

Very Big Givers

They are, nonetheless, generous people. Bill Gates, for example! He has spent the majority of his money on others. He puts his money to good use by helping the less fortunate.

They Represent A Good Critique

When it comes to giving feedback, NUMBER 1 is fantastic. But take a chance! It’s never enjoyable for them to be the target of criticism.

They Are Not Meant For Resource-Strapped Small Business Or Job

However, in order to get experience, you must work under the supervision of someone. They just work for themselves at the end of the day.

They can be the CEO or the Head of the Department if they work for a corporation. They aren’t satisfied until they reach that point! They don’t work for a pittance.

Where they are required to report to their superiors.

They are their own boss except when they have to report to their supervisor. They’re a bunch of control freaks. I’m not saying anything negative about them. They have attributes that could make them Dhirubhai Ambani’s son, Mukesh Ambani. Ratan Tata, for example.

Can you possibly be like Indira Gandhi if you don’t have these qualities?

Relationship In Number 1

The problem arises when they forget it’s their home and not their office! All these qualities will do wonders for you in office but not in a relationship. Because if you show your dominance at home then maybe your partner takes it once or twice but not always! So they do face some turbulence in their relationships. Until and unless they are married to a lucky number.

Who can understand them well?

Who will stand by them?

If they get married to their compatible numbers then they definitely stay happy.

Their plans and ideas are so magnanimous that small things don’t attract them. They will set up multi-millionaire factories industries if you tell them to set up a small business. They don’t want all that. Their ideas are massive. And if they have finance then they should step into the industry. They don’t find difficulty in finding finance.

They never face money crunch issues. Of course, I can’t say that they will never face money related issues! But yes much less in comparison to others. Whenever they are in need of money God, finds a way to make sure they have the money they need.

They have inborn qualities of being a leader but not a follower.

If they are meant to lead, why will they follow? Whatever work they do, they find success in it. If they don’t find success in their endeavours they get very disappointed, upset and sad. Then they need to get an ego boost push, motivation. Since they’d not listen easily, the motivator has really pushed hard to motivate them again in life.

With such a strong personality you won’t find them opening up about their problems.

They don’t like discussing their troubles, so you wouldn’t find number 1 talking about their life problems. Internally they’d feel terrible, but externally they will never disclose their issues and concerns. This is not a nice thing. Because keeping anything bottled up inside will psychologically affect your well-being.

All planets revolve around the Sun which we all know. But can we go closer to the sun without facing its wrath!

These people are also like a big boss. They dominate, very good at giving orders and if you learn to take their orders. They will dominate you and reach the top here how can I forget Lata Mangeshkar Ji, what can I say about her! I think there is nothing that I can talk about her.

The lucky colours for Leo’s and Number 1 are number 1,2,4,7 these four a very lucky, and yet I will repeat avoid using number 4. 

Stay a little away from number 4 and 8. For number 1, 9 also becomes a little trouble because one is the beginning and 9 the end. Number 1 and number 9 are again two very same.

So number 1 and number 9 are again two very same individuals, dominating heated anger. All this is inside them.

Maintain distance from them. When I say keep distance I don’t mean family, parents, relatives and your friends.

The most compatible number would be 2 or 7

Most compatible for a number to get married would be 2 or 7. Unlucky numbers, I have told you to avoid 4 and 8.

Agreed four is considered lucky for you, still, I would suggest not use it much, maintain distance from number 8 and 9. House number, car number, the mobile number shouldn’t be of these numbers.

Your lucky colours are all the colours of the Sun. Sun’s colours are Yellow, White, Orange, Brown

Golden. All these colours you can wear. Blue is one such colour that we all can wear.

Health Problems That Number 1 People Face

All numbers have some health problem associated with them. All numbers have different characteristics.

So from a young age, they can face issues related to blood. Blood platelets can go up and down. Blood pressure can happen, diabetes can happen. Fever, boils, they face all this in their childhood days. But as they grow old, the ailment can cause severe effects if not treated in time. Eye problems, they face eye-related problems. As I said, blood pressure, diabetes and what is said when we mention blood pressure and diabetes, it’s the heart.

Number 1’s do face heart-related issues

Tension, Anxiety. Why?

Because they want to do everything themselves. Not call a plumber, electrician. I know it all and I will manage it all! Ladies too aren’t easygoing.

If your wife is number 1 or you yourself are a lady, and you are number 1 then you would also want to do everything by yourself. They don’t like to take help. How is the world supposed to function without each other, without helping each other? We need each other support, we ought to be the strength of each other. So learn to divide work.

Who is best in what allocate them that work your life shall too pass smoothly. I will again remind you to not overexert. Don’t take too much stress. Don’t carry the burden of the world on your back.

For Number 1 Best Stone Is Ruby

Ruby should be worn in the ring finger. Bear in mind that the stone has to be worn on Sunday morning. If you wear this stone in Gold, it will be a lot more beneficial.

Before wearing any stone make sure you have sanitized.

Some Special Tips for number 1

Try and learn a business as early as possible. It doesn’t matter if your kids are very young. You don’t have to wait for them to grow up, go and study at a business school.

Business is learnt on the footpath. Be it Ambani, Bill Gates. All big names. Tata, this Tata is a learned, educated man. But his father did go to an MBA school to learn the dynamics of business practice? So be it you are number 1 or any other number sooner you learn the tactics of the field that interests you. Start researching about it, these days you have Google.

Research as much as you can, start something as early as you can.

Don’t wait to reach a certain age. Start doing what you like and once you start doing what you like. By the time you are done with school and college, you’d already know in what field you want to get into. So for number 1, the earlier, the better.

From childhood onwards try wearing an early age yellow, white, orange and blue, brown is also good for you.

Kids shouldn’t be wearing a ruby stone at an early age. Only after they have finished school they should wear them. Ruby, in case your child is a number 1

For school children, I always suggest an emerald.

For number 1 people, I don’t recommend number 6. But for all other things, 6 will be very auspicious for them.

House number, car number, writing 24 on your hand. 

So all the best for number 1

Famous persons born 1, 10, 19, 28:

1.1.1925 Jimmy Carter, Former U.S. President.
1.10.1928 Sivaji Ganesan, The most talented Indian Tamil actor.
10.4.1627 Sivaji, The king of Maharashtra, a great hero in Indian history.
28.01.1986 Shruti Hassan, Famous Indian actress, model, Music composer.
28.12.1937 Ratan Naval Tata, Chairman of Tata group.


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