Here are amazing tips and hacks for a newborn baby which I have learned long ago. So let’s share it with new mothers. The first few minutes and hours after birth is important.

The first few minutes and hours after birth is an important time for a mother and her newborn baby to bond.

The first few minutes and hours after birth is an important time for a mother and her newborn baby to bond.

The- skin -to -skin contact helps to stabilize the baby’s blood sugar and body temperature. It helps the baby’s heart rate and breathing become more stable. This process is very calming for newborn baby. 



This quiet bonding time is also helpful in the newborn baby’s first feeding. A mother’s body benefits from skin- to- skin contact with her baby that helps in decreasing bleeding, and also it helps to stimulate mothers Milk hormones if she is breastfeeding.

Babies who are held against their mother or father’s bare skin are often happier and healthier. 


A newborn baby’s stomach is full of amniotic fluid after birth. For this reason, some babies are not very hungry at the beginning. While breastfeeding you should eat well and increase your fluid content. Usually, newborns eat after every two to three hours of interval whether it is daytime.…n-baby-care-home/ ‎

In the first few days of life babies often are hungriest at night and do most of their cluster feeding. [Sometimes babies need to eat only one to one and a half hours’ duration of feeding.] It is called cluster feeding. This can be quite tiring for new mothers. 

Make sure you take every chance to nap during the day when your baby is sleeping. Limit visitors during the day for these first few days to make sure you and your baby get all the sleep you need.

Babies will show you when they are hungry by licking their lips, sucking on their hands, or opening their mouths wide when you touch your baby’s lips or chicks.

You cannot spoil your newborn. Try to feed your baby whenever he or she shows you hunger cues and before he or she starts to cry. Crying causes air to enter the baby’s stomach, leaving less room for milk.

Crying also causes babies to be gassier and fussier.…n-baby-care-home/ ‎

You will find that your baby happiest when you feed him or her when you feed him/her just as he/she is starting to get hungry. Breastfeeding is the healthiest type of feeding for new babies and has many benefits for their new mothers as well.

For newborns, breastfeeding helps to fight infections because mothers’ early milk called colostrum has a lot of infection-fighting properties.

Breastfeeding also helps to lower the baby’s chance of developing asthma, eczema, type one, and type two diabetes, childhood leukaemia, obesity, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies are born with instincts to help to breastfeed.…aby-care-at-home/


Newborn babies

Can only focus on objects that are up to 15 inches away. Your face should be towards the breast when you are feeding your baby.

Talk to them, look at them, and relax. By doing these activities it can even help your milk flow.

One of the simplest ways to keep the newborn happy is to swaddle them. Newborns have an immature nervous system and strong reflexes that make them play all their arms and kick their legs pretty much all the time.…aby-care-at-home/


In the first few weeks, you need to let someone else take care of all the responsibilities other than feeding your baby and taking care of yourself.

Most lactation experts recommend that you eat when you are hungry. But many mothers may be so tired or busy that food gets forgotten. So it is important to plan simple, healthy meals.

Most mothers want to lose their pregnancy weight, but extreme dieting and rapid weight loss can harm you and your baby if you are breastfeeding.…n-baby-care-home/ ‎

 It can take several months for you to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy. You can reach this goal by cutting out high-fat snacks.

Along with balanced meals, you should drink more fluids if you are breastfeeding. You may find that you will be thirsty while the baby is nursing. Water and milk are good choices. Try keeping a jug of water and some healthy snacks beside your bed.









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