Zero to six month baby toys: If you are having a hard time finding zero to six month baby toys,  that you can buy, then this article is for you. 

Best Zero To Six Month Baby Toys

For Zero To Six Month baby toys playtime is important for the baby’s development and these toys can be helpful and fun.

But did you know that playtime is also a main part of your young child’s development? The importance of playtime is from sensorial, cognitive, physical and social development for a zero to a six month old baby.

Baby’s Development Milestones With  Zero To Six Month Baby Toys

Your newborn’s first few months of life seem to be all about nappies, feeding and sleep (or lack thereof).

Through play, children of any age, even infants, can learn about themselves and the world around them. And you can join in on the fun, too.

Playing with your baby can help them achieve important physical milestones, develop their (quickly growing!) brains, teach them about emotions and social skills and encourage language development. 

And it doesn’t have to get complicated. Especially during those early months, setting aside some time each day to get down on the floor to play and read with your little one can make a huge impact.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Especially during zero to six months, setting aside some time each day to sit on the floor playing and reading with your little one can have a huge impact.

There are a few early milestones that your baby will start hitting in the zero to six months.

Keep in mind that each child develops at their own pace; these are a general guide, but if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your paediatrician.

Babies 0–2 months

  • Tries to hold up their head on their own
  • Smiling
  • Tries to make eye contact and follows objects with their eyes
  • Gurgling and cooing
  • Turns their head toward sounds

Try it out: Holding a soft toy in front of your 2-month-old baby during tummy time is a great way to help develop head, neck, core and vision.

Babies 2–4 months

  • Social smile
  • Copy facial expressions
  • Babbling
  • Reaching for a toy with one hand
  • Holding and shaking  toys
  • Rolling from tummy to back

Rattles will help a 4 months old child in developing hand-eye coordination.

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Babies 4–6 months

  • They look in the mirror
  • Respond to their names
  • Being curious about toys and things (and trying to eat them!)
  • The child passes toys from one hand to the other
  • Rolling in both directions
  • Tries to sit without support

A quick, easy toy of peekaboo with your zero to six-month baby toys old babies can start teaching complex concepts like object sustainability and social development.

Toys For Zero To Six Months

Babies Zero To Six Month Baby Toys -Play Gym

Now, the best gift you can get a zero to six-month-old baby is a baby play gym. So if they don’t already have one, make sure you go out and get one right now. This is a toy that they’re going to use for the first six months of their life.
And it’s going to be their main toy.

So what’s wonderful about the zero to six month baby toys in baby gym is that they have toys hanging from them so your baby’s going to reach out and grab them.

And it develops the baby’s fine motor skills. Initially, they’ll just be tracking it when they’re not able to reach out and coordinate their arms.

But at three months they’re reaching out and batting the toy. Six months, they’re definitely holding it and interacting with the toy. 

LEARNING WHILE PLAYING: Nothing is more vital than your baby’s physical, cognitive, visual, and motor learning, from tummy time to play fort. On the Baby Play Mat, there are six Montessori-inspired development zones that provide hours of activity to stimulate a baby’s sight, hearing, and touch.

REMOVABLE ACCESSORIES: To stimulate brain and motor skill development, the play gym for baby includes a high contrast ball, rainbow baby mobile, sunshine wooden rattle, silicone teether, ABC alphabets flashcards set, contrast baby flashcard, lion cushion, tent cover with window, and belly time mat.

Nothing is more essential to Lovevery than your baby’s physical, cognitive, visual, and motor growth; from lifting their head as a newborn to hide-and-seek as a toddler, The Play Gym delivers a whole year of play for zero to six month baby toys.

Grow With Your Baby: The Play Mat’s 5 Montessori-inspired development zones reveal or conceal to prevent overstimulation, teach focus, foster sensory discovery, hide and seek, and colour exploration.

Learning Through Play: Includes an activity guide with age-appropriate activities to enhance brain and motor skill development, as well as stage-based learning accessories such as an organic ball and teether, a sustainable wood batting toy, and four replaceable learning card sets.

These are zero to six month baby toys Easy to Set Up and Take Down: Made entirely of baby-safe materials, including FSC-certified wood and organic cotton mouth able teether and removable accessories, sustainably sourced hardwood legs for stability, and a two-minute setup and take-down with no tools necessary.

Card Display Clips for All Occasions: Three adjustable clips firmly attach to the Play Gym frame for visual stimulation from all angles, as well as to stimulate your baby’s senses with the 14 unique learning cards while they’re on their back, side-lying, or tummy time. This is one of the very good zero to six month baby toys.
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The other great thing is that it works to keep them motivated for tummy time because there are often things on the mats, labels, or something that makes noises, that they can interact with, and it keeps them busy with tummy time. So these zero to six month baby toys is definitely the must-have toy and the best gift you can give a zero to the six-month baby.

So if you’re really struggling financially, and you just want to have one item, then I would like to invest your money in a baby gym.

Zero to six month baby toys basically, your baby will be able to lie underneath them on their back when they’re awake, and they’ll be starting to look at a toy and then visually track it because they’re hanging over the arch above their head, and they move.

The other thing is that towards the end of three months, your baby will start reaching out and batting the toy with their hand, which is awesome. And when they start kicking their legs, they’ll also accidentally kick the toy.

The O Ball For Zero To Six Month Baby

My next favourite zero to six month baby toys gift is the O ball. It’s one that I give to everyone new baby. And that’s because it’s really great for their fine motor skills for zero to six months old baby.

So it’s a ball that’s really lightweight, and they’re able to hold it, and it’s not going to hurt them if it accidentally falls on them. So what’s great is that you can actually, give them the O ball at three months of age, and they’re able to grasp it.

And then they work on that transferring skills in around five months. But it is really the only zero to six month baby toys I think that is lightweight enough that they can actually hold and interact with.

Zero to six month baby toys what better first ball for your baby than one that rattles too? Large finger holes in the soft, flexible plastic make it easy for the baby to grab and shake, and the inner O-ball makes it fun, noisy rolling across the floor.

 At four inches in diameter, this ball is perfect for babies three months and older to practise their fine motor gripping skills, and it can easily be tossed in the car or diaper bag as a travel toy. These are excellent zero to six month baby toys.

O ball by
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Zero To Six-Month Baby Toys –Black And White Developmental Toys

This is a really great item to help encourage babies, to continue to do tummy time, which is a real, hard activity for babies. So what’s great is that zero to six-month baby toys they’ll be able to when they’re in their tummy time, see themselves in the mirror, and it’ll keep them engaged in that task. So they’ll be able to see themselves and make noises, and then they’ll enjoy tummy time, hopefully.

Kids love to see their own reflection, even if they don’t really understand what they’re seeing. Encouraging a child-protected mirror. In front of your little one helps them develop the vision and provide plenty of entertainment during the tummy tuck. This mirror on the other hand comes with high-contrast art for more visual stimulation.


Baby first book teaches your little one how to feel different things by touch with these soft high Contrast toys. Before they can see colours clearly, babies respond to the strong contrast between black and white, making this the ideal first toy for young, developing brains. This is a very good zero to six month baby toys.

Mirror Callender For Your Baby

GIVE YOUR CHILD A FLYING START – The baby mirror calendar is incredibly lightweight, easy to fold, and can be used on the fly, allowing you to keep in touch with your child at any time. At the same time, it’s a great technique to encourage vital key skills including eye-hand coordination, total motor ability, self-awareness, object permanence, and causality experience.

andwhite mirror book for baby by
Black and white mirror book for baby by please click here
Soft Tactile Books For Zero To Six-Month-Old Baby

The first book that I really like zero to six month baby toys is soft tactile books. So these are great because they often make lots of noises that interact with the baby. They’re not going to hurt themselves if it accidentally falls on them. This will happen with those board books, and they can actually interact with it and pull things out later on when they’re a bit older. But this is great and often comes in high contrasting colours, so you can see the red and the white.

It’s never too early for books, and that’s what your child will come back to again and again. Packed with sensory-stimulating features like ribbons, crinkly pages, flaps and a mirror, the soft, high-contrast “pages” will capture the baby’s attention and are easy for little hands to turn.

So it keeps the baby quite engaged because when they’re younger, they can see in colour, but they prefer high contrast items. So a tactile book is amazing.
zero to six month baby toys cloth book by PLEASE CLICK HERE

MY FIRST SOFT BOOK – These soft books teach your baby how to feel different things by touch, as well as fundamental reading and comprehension. These cloth activity books help enhance the baby’s first-year memory.

MANY THEMES IN A SINGLE PACKAGE – Early development toys (12 packs) are ready for your baby: sea world, animal world, number, vegetable, fruit, vehicle forms, nature, visual training, expressiveness, colours, and wearing.

ALL FOR BABY’S SAFETY – Made of high-quality fabric that is light, non-toxic, sturdy, tear-resistant, and washable, this cloth book is completely safe for your baby. Because babies put whatever they see in their mouths, the quality of this book is amazing.

PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT – Sharing these soft books provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and babies to bond in a warm and loving way. You can read these books to your child and encourage him or her to find new things and explore this new world, as well as teach him or her how to recognise and speak the words. It’s the ideal present for a child’s activity book or a baby book set. Very ideal zero to six month baby toys.

Best Teether For Zero To Six Month Old Babies

The next toy I really liked is a teether of some sort. Parents are going to love it if give them something like this and kids can place it in their mouth, so babies can actually place it in their mouth. When they’re teething. Teething can start really early, definitely by six months, there going to be some teeth. So give your baby a  teether in the early months.

So at around three months when your baby can hold items often these kinds of items are fantastic then, definitely by four, five, six, months, they’re starting to interact with it.

zero to six month baby toys teether by PLEASE CLICK HERE

Baby’s musical presentation is adorable. Shake it gently to create charming animal and natural noises.
It aids in the sensory development and colour perception of your youngsters. Learn colours by putting them on the gifted colour cards.
The baby rattle’s portable size and gorgeous pattern are ideal for a newborn’s little hands to hold and shake.

BPA-free ABS plastic of high grade. The Colour is indestructible. It is simple to clean and disinfect.

The battery is rechargeable, and the design is portable. Have a good time at home or on the go!

Wooden Teether for zero to six month Baby

Montessori Toys 5pc Set Natural Wooden Teether Rattles Gym Intellectual Puzzle Toys Natural Wooden Teether Rattles Gym.

SAFE MATERIAL-Wooden teether toys are made of natural beech wood, a popular teething toy material that is non-toxic requires no painting, and simply sanding.


They will adore playing with your child.

Wooden rattles are a classic educational tool and a beautiful wood gift.
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Lamaze For Zero To Six-Month-Old Baby

What’s great about these kinds of toys, so I do like the Lamaze, is that they come with tags, they make lots of noise, and you can also hang these off a baby gym, so it’s another kind of toy that you can switch out with your other items on the baby gym. So it keeps them engaged. These are also good in the car if you hook them in there.

They’re really,  great toys. They are a bit more expensive, but there are lots of versions out there. Baby is going to absolutely love them.

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Caterpillar is a part soft toy, part colour-matching puzzle, and all fun for baby to experiment and play.

Allow your budding Picasso to express himself with 8 colourfully patterned portions that are simple to separate, mix, and combine.

Shake and explore each brightly coloured segment to find wonderful squeaks, bells, tangled legs, and a variety of textures.


Designed to aid in the development of visual, auditory, tactile, problem-solving, and fine motor skills in babies. Very good zero to six month baby toys.

Musical Toys For Zero To Six-Month-Old Baby

At this age, musical toys are awesome. So babies really quite like them. You can get lots of musical items at the moment where you just hit it, and It makes noise and lights up, which the babies love.

Zero to six month baby toys there is kind of a drum set one and there are some flowers that sing songs. So they’re amazing and any kind of musical toy which they kind of hit, and it reacts is perfect at this age.

A piano, telephone, drum, gears, bead roller coaster, and diverse music and melodies are all included in this first workstation for zero to six month baby toys toddlers.

Rich functions and interesting, highly appealing, and liked by children, who may learn a wide range of information from the musical table.

Different Modes, Different Ways to Play – There are over 17 nursery rhyme tunes, 15 classical piano melodies, as well as the number,  animal, and weather education, among other things. Little hands can play music either automatically or manually. These are very good zero to six month baby toys.

zero to six month baby toys musical table by

Baby Einstein toys – This melodic toy for babies has limitless possibilities. Curiosity is rewarded and discovery is encouraged with fun sound effects and light patterns. Motor skills, hand-on abilities, hand-eye coordination, inventiveness, and focus are all improved with the guidance of the first music teacher.

Exceptional Quality for Babies – The infant activity table is detachable, easy to set up, and store. Designed for babies who are able to sit, crawl, and stand. The musical table is of high quality, has a smooth edge, and is safe. It is durable and wear-resistant, and it will grow with your child.
zero to six month baby toys elephant by

FLAPPY THE ELEPHANT is a plush toy that is animated. Baby GUND’s Flappy the Elephant is a cute singing animated plush with two separate play modes. To play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, press the left foot, and the right foot to hear the song Do Your Ears Hang Low in a cute child’s voice! Exceptionally good zero to six month baby toys.

PLAY THAT IS INTERACTIVE: At the touch of a button, Flappy comes to life! Flappy’s ears flutter in rhythm to directions and song to amuse the baby while he plays and listens.

QUALITY CUDDLES: Award-winning bears and toys appeal to all ages, from newborns and toddlers to adults, and are known for their huggable plush designs and gifts. These zero to six month baby toys are great for cuddling, playing, and collecting.

PREMIER PLUSH: GUND,zero to six month baby toys America’s oldest soft toy manufacturer, was one of the first to produce a teddy bear. GUND has been manufacturing distinctive teddy bears and stuffed animals for over 120 years and is known for its quality and originality all over the world.

Rattles For Zero To Six-Month-Old Baby

And the last zero to six month baby toys, are the rattles. Babies love rattles. So you can get lots of different varieties out there. I prefer the circular ones because they’re easy to grasp, particularly when babies are quite young. So around five, six months, they can work on that transferring skill as well. But there are soft rattles that you will also get.
rattles by please click here

10 Insightful Rattles/Teethers in primary colours for different phases of a baby’s growth.
To help with fine motor skills, each rattle has distinct grips, forms, and duties.
The tactile development of touch, taste, and smell will be aided by a variety of textures. Many sounds will broaden newborns’ sensory experiences, while colours and patterns will aid in eye tracking.

Great baby shower gift, appropriate for nursery child care – easy to clean and store in their own container. This is a fantastic stroller toy.

Provides exciting sources. Babies produce their sounds and follow the rattles’ path with their eyes as well as trying to catch the rattles as well as the sense of discovery has two vibrating dual functions.  

Zero to six months baby toys are great developmental toys for babies. These toys help in a child’s brain development. It improves fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. I hope you have enjoyed this article. Thank you so much for reading.



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