Today I am going to share the top 12 skincare tips. As a result of dust, dirt, sun and pollution, our skin becomes very dull. So we must take care of the skin before going to bed at night. Otherwise, various skin problems may occur. Regular skin care is essential for healthy skin and natural radiance.

So let’s find out how to take care of your skin before going to bed.

Wash Your Face  Before Going To Bed At Night

Wash your face well before going to bed at night. If you go to sleep with dust and dirt on your face, your skin may get dizzy. So before going to bed at night, wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser. It will also keep the skin good and you will feel fresh. This is very important for skincare.

Wear A Slipping Mask

While sleeping, you unknowingly rub your face on the pillow, as a result, many fine lines can appear on the skin. So it is wise to wear a slipping mask on the face while sleeping. Also, sleep masks provide moisture in the skin which keeps the skin fresh.

Lip Care Is Essential In Skincare

Remove dead cells by exfoliating the lips before going to sleep. Then apply almond oil to the lips. You can exfoliate thrice a week. However, it is better to apply almond oil every day on your lips. You can also remove dead skin on the lips with a soft toothbrush. This is another good skincare tip.

Eyecare Is Very Important In Skincare

The eyeliner we apply to our eyes contains harmful chemicals that are harmful to the eyes if we keep liner for a long period of time. Prolonged use of eye make-up can cause eye irritation and eye infections. Before going to bed at night remove your liner from the eyes. Also, before going to bed at night, apply a good ‘under-eye cream’ and massage for a couple of minutes. You will see the result. 

Choose The Right Moisturizer For Your Skincare

Choose the right moisturizer according to your skin type. This is because lack of moisture in the face and dryness increases skin problems. So, be sure to apply it at any time in the morning and at night.


  • Without moisture, the skin will not remain smooth and supple. The face is exposed to the drying effect of the weather, so moisturisers that form a film over the skin contain and augment the natural moisture.
  • Using the tips of the fingers, dot moisturising cream lightly all over the face.
  • Press the fingers of both hands into the centre of the forehead and work the cream slowly outwards. Pat the cream gently around the eyes.
  • Work the cream around the jawline, chin and mouth with the middle fingers of both hands.
  • Massage the cream over the throat with alternating hands, using upward strokes from collarbone to chin.


  • Toners remove all traces of dirt, make-up or cleanser that remain after cleansing.
  • Immediately after cleansing apply toner to the forehead and cheeks on a pad of cotton wool.
  • Apply the toner to the crevices around the nose.
  • Apply the toner to the crevices around the chin.

Herbal Help for Acne

  • If you have acne you’ve probably tried all the counter products and maybe even the prescription products on the market. Perhaps they don’t work for you or they irritate your skin and dry it out. There are other options. Herbal treatments and nutritional supplements can also help with acne, either applied directly to the skin or taken orally.
  • Zinc supplements worked wonders for me. I take 50 milligrams a day, twice daily and it helps keep my skin clearer than any prescription I’ve ever tried. You can find Zinc at a grocery store or drug store in the aisle with vitamin and mineral supplements. 
  • Herbs that work wonders at clearing up acne are Echinacea taken orally and applied externally to the skin, Oregon grape root applied as a cream, tea tree oil applied to the skin, oregano and basil oil applied to the skin or taken orally.
  • Be careful using any new product because you may be sensitive to it and if you are using any prescriptions or other topical acne treatments you might have to watch out for reactions. Check with your dermatologist to make sure it is alright to use any herbal treatments with the medicine you are already using.

Facial Mud Masques

  • Oily, dry, combination: no matter what type your skin may be, sometimes a normal cleansing routine just isn’t enough. They say beauty is only skin deep well, then perhaps that is where we should begin our daily beauty regimens.
  • Facial mud and clay masques can work wonders on the skin and the best part is, you need not set up an appointment at a salon for the perfect facial! Many brands offer great facial masque products.
  • Cleansing, toning, refining and moisturizing one’s face daily is a major part of keeping healthy skin, but sometimes those steps could use a little help from a more powerful rejuvenating technique.

To fully reap all the benefits of a facial mud masque, a certain skincare itinerary should be followed, beginning with a gentle cleansing with face wash.

Following the cleansing, apply the face masque to your entire face, and neck if you desire, and allow it to dry completely.

Masque should normally dry in about 10 to 15 minutes, though it can be left on problem areas overnight for the utmost therapy.

Rinse the masque from your face with warm water and a washcloth. To conclude the complete home facial process, use an exfoliating face scrub followed by a facial moisturizer.

This sounds all well and good, but who really has half an hour or more to spend on facial treatments every couple of days or even once a week?

Even if you cannot spare time for each step of the facial process, using the mud masque at least once a week will give you noticeable results in your complexion.

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Benefits of a facial mud masque for skincare:

  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Aids in shrinking large pores
  • Clarifies skin’s texture
  • Eases tension lines on face and neck
  • Helps to dry up pimples
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • Relaxes tired muscles
  • Removes dry cells and impurities
  • Rinses away blackheads

No matter how you go about your facial care routine, using a masque at least once in a while will truly invigorate you, leaving your face silky smooth and soft.

Because the results are immediate and purely amazing, you may even find yourself wishing to use a masque more than once a week.

Enjoy the clean and clear effects of a facial masque and relax while you use it…after all, it will be like having your own spa treatment in the comfort of your home!

Hydrate And Exercise

Drinking is recommended eight glasses of water per day with some regular exercise, walking, running, bicycling, engaging in sports should have a great impact on one’s completion. Increased blood flow due to aerobic exercise will positively put an impact on your completion with a glowing look. It will replace your dull skin.

Not only will exercise and drinking water help skin tone and texture, but it will also make you feel more energized and great about yourself. By keeping your body in shape, you will feel less stressed and more capable of achieving those things you set out to do.

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Monitor Sun Exposure
By using a moderate strength sunscreen, you will be protecting your skin from sun damage, skin cancer, ageing and premature wrinkles.

Too much sun can blister one’s lips, leaving them red, sore and charred. Sunburned skin will eventually peel most times, leaving skin areas blotchy and sensitive. The best approach to preventing sunburn and other sun-caused skin problems is to monitor how much time one spends in the sun and to avoid sun exposure by using sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater.

Practice A Regular Cleansing Routine

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize this daily routine should carry you on your way toward healthier skin. Select a gentle skin cleansing solution that works for your specific type of skin: dry, oily, normal.

Using your selected product, cleanse the face in a circular motion and rinse with lukewarm water, as hot water zaps skin’s moisture.

Follow the cleansing stage with an exfoliant. A granular product is often especially effective in smoothing rough areas and releasing dead skin cells, allowing the face to be better moisturized.

After the exfoliation process concludes, use a toner or an astringent to tighten the skin and remove any makeup or cleanser residue. A nice alternative to a toner or astringent would be doing a facial masque at least once a week, which tackles clogged pores while also firming skin and leaving it soft and silky.

Finally, pat the skin dry with a soft towel but do not dry up all the water. Apply a moisturizer (with or without sunscreen) to help protect skin from dryness. Those who have oily skin do not have to moisturize as often as those who have dry, normal or combination skin.

By following the daily skincare routine along with drinking lots of water, exercising and protecting your skin from sun damage, you should soon notice positive results. Maintaining discipline and adhering to your goal to achieve healthier skin make the actual task at hand so much easier to accomplish.

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Get Rid of Acne Scars

At some point you had acne, now you are left with embarrassing, ugly scars. There are ways to diminish and reduce the appearance of acne scars. The severity of the scars will determine what you will need to do to diminish them. I would recommend seeking advice from a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon to determine the best course of action.

For very mild scarring you can try a few at-home procedures and products to help reduce the appearance of the scars. At home dermabrasion and chemical peels can help diminish some scarring especially if you also use retinol or alpha hydroxyl acid lotions or creams.

For sensitive skin, you may not want to apply retinol or alpha hydroxyl products right after dermabrasion or peels because it can cause redness and irritation.

Other products you can try are scar reducing creams like Mederma or Rosehip seed oil which is said to be great at reducing scar tissue. Aloe Vera juice and gels and lavender oils are also said to work well on reducing scars.

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Professional treatments for scarring include Laser Resurfacing which involves the use of a laser to remove the skin so new skin can form its place.

Laser resurfacing can cause uneven skin tones in people with darker skin. It is still being studied but shows a lot of promise. After treatment, you may experience redness and swelling which may last for several weeks.

Dermabrasion has been around for decades. Originally sandpaper was used to remove damaged skin. Now a machine rotates to remove the damaged skin, the skin is numbed or frozen first.

After the procedure your skin is raw and scabs will form. After the scabs heal your skin will be reddish for several weeks.

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Augmentation is a procedure where material like collagen or your own fat will be injected under the scar to bring it to the surface. The treatments last for about six months but they are working on more permanent solutions.

Subcision is a technique that detaches the scar from deeper tissue and allows a pool of blood to form under the scar.

The blood clots and help form connective tissue under the scar to level it with the rest of the skin surface. Subcision is usually combined with either dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.

The depth and shape of your scars will determine what treatment your doctor will recommend.

De Tanning Is Needed For Skincare

Suntan is very common in summer. The skin gets tan easily due to the hot sun during hot weather. And, tanning on the skin reduces the radiance of the skin. Many times the problem of tan becomes so much that we use different types of chemical products to hide it. However, you can do a de-tan facial at home to remove the skin tan. Using these homemade face packs will get rid of the tan. The de-tan Face Pack will be made with some natural things in the house.

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Skincare With Honey- Lemon

The mixture of lemon and honey is very beneficial to get rid of the problem of tan on the skin. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey and apply on the face and leave it for half an hour and wash it off. This can eliminate the problem of tan.

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Papaya Lemon Skincare

In a bowl, mix papaya pulp and honey and apply on the face and neck. Leave it for 22 minutes. After that wash, the face with lukewarm water. It will remove skin tan.

Chickpea Flour, Turmeric And Lemon Juice For Skin Care

Mix chickpea flour, turmeric and lemon juice to remove skin tan. Leave it for 25 minutes and wash your face with water. The skin will be brighter!


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